Thursday, April 25, 2013

Green Arrow Build

i thought of this build while watching the tv show Arrow hope you like it.

Green Arrow Skyrim Build

race: wood elf
weapon: Daedric bow (plus any arrows found) and a dagger
enchantment: fortify archery, fortify sneak
point ratio:1:2:3
perks: [archery] 5/5 overdraw, eagle eye, 1/2 steady hand, 3/3 critical shot, rest of archery tree
[sneak] all.
[light armor] all.
stone: lover stone
armor: light: shrouded armor
daedric artifact: mehrune's razor
story: was a really rich person in whiterun, was kidnapped to an island in the middle of the night, trained on island, found way back to Tamriel, father was in the Dark Brotherhood, dad wanted you to be in the Dark Brotherhood, left you a list of people to kill (dark brotherhood has the list also), wont stop until everyone on the list is dead.
gameplay: vigilante, likes fist fights, does not kill innocents, loves the aedra.

leave a comment for constructive critisism.

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